Welcome to P.S. 251Q!

School Mission

The mission of PS 251 is to promote student engagement by collaboratively designing comprehensive units of study, and lesson plans that provide rigorous tasks and activities to suit our diverse set of learners. Assessment data will be utilized in alignment with instruction in order to modify our practices and maximize student-learning outcomes. Through our teacher teams , we will analyze student work to maintain alignment between our intended outcomes and actual student learning. We will then address the learning gaps by adjusting our instruction to meet student needs identified by qualitative and quantitative data. our school community will develop the habits of prioritizing, reflecting , and refining our practices to enhance our learning. We will ensure that we experience in academics, as well as in our ability to productively contribute to our community.

School Vision

The vision for PS 251 is to intellectually engage all of our students in tasks that are cognitively challenging and provide multiple entry points for standards based instruction. Through the work of our teacher teams, we will utilize our student work and assessment data to make strategic decisions around curriculum and instruction to maximize student achievement, specifically in the areas of reading and writing. we envision a school community for parents, teachers and administrators that support and  ensure student success through a nurturing environment where diverse student needs are addressed and positive behaviors are highlighted and rewarded. we will foster a positive self-image in students so that they will be empowered to develop into high achievers, lifelong learners, and positive contributors of the community.

Instructional Focus

When students are engaged cognitively, they are able to articulate new learning or a deeper level of understanding of previous leanings within the context of group and classroom discussions. students are able to make meaning of the content and key ideas that are being taught and are able to assess their own level of mastery of key concepts within the lesson objectives.


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